Chicago Child Care Society


The Preschool Center, serving the Hyde Park neighborhood, occupies three classrooms on the second floor and one classroom on the first floor of the Chicago Child Care Society. The Preschool Center includes a well-equipped kitchen where nutritious breakfasts, lunches and snacks are prepared for the children. Adjoining the building on the south is a large, enclosed playground, where the children can safely use developmentally appropriate play equipment.

Learning Centers – meet the needs of children in all developmental realms: cognitive, physical, emotional and social. There are four classrooms, two each for 2-to-3 year olds, and 3-to-5 year olds. Careful planning of classroom space, equipment placement and arrangement are all done to stimulate learning for the child. Each classroom features age appropriate centers for science, literacy, block building and construction, dramatic play and clay, paint, sand and water exploration.

Judith Stofer Block Library – is named in honor of longtime board member and community philanthropist, Judith Stofer Block. She has been a CCCS board member for more than 40 years and is a well-known advocate for children and families.

The Judith Stofer Block Children’s Library houses more than 1,000 books and 2 computers. Children are permitted to check out books to take home for storytime with their families. While in the library, children have access to computers to play educational games.

Peggy Carr Nature Education Center – is a special place where children in The Preschool Center experience the wonder of nature, the life span of butterflies and the migration of birds. They witness and learn first-hand about how things grow and develop. Our teachers help the children to understand the relationship of nature and their ability to grow and become a part of the garden of classroom, community and family.

KaBoom! Playground – Outdoor spaces for centers such as ours are rare within the city of Chicago. Our KaBoom! Playground provides the children with a private and safe environment in which they can explore, learn and thrive. Our teachers, staff and parents agree that our playground serves not only as a place for play and physical exercise, but also provides our children another opportunity to develop social skills, conflict resolution, learn the art of compromise and fair play.

Safety/Security – A receptionist monitors the agency’s front door. All visitors to the Agency are required to check in with the receptionist. A high fence encloses the playground area. The gates are fastened at all times. Likewise, the building is surrounded and monitored by video cameras. In addition, staff is urged to be aware of their surroundings at all times. They are to take note of any strangers on the premises, communicate any unusual circumstances or situations to The Preschool Center Director and the switchboard operation.