Chicago Child Care Society

Partnering with Parents

The Preschool Center engages parents as partners in their children’s development. Weekly notes on progress, regular teach conferences, parental observation opportunities, and the availability of the documentation of process and projects are just a few of the ways parents are encouraged to follow their children’s’ progress.

Parent Expectations

Parents are provided with education opportunities to help the developmental and educational needs of their children as well as to help them cope with the responsibilities of child rearing. All parents are given opportunities to participate in program planning and in all phases of decision-making affecting their child.

Parents are involved in the following ways: Parent teacher service plans and follow-up meetings. Completing assessments and setting goals for their child. Parent teacher conferences are both educational and informative. Staff use pick up and drop off time to learn more about the child and their family culture. Parent workshops are held throughout the year. Family members are welcome and encouraged to volunteer in the classroom at any time.

The Teaching Strategies GOLD online site provides parents an opportunity to communicate with teachers regarding their child’s ongoing developmental and classroom activities. Parents are invited by the teacher through email to accept this invitation. You are asked to register with a valid email address. Parents can view and track their children’s progress online at

Parent Council

The Parent Council is a group of volunteer parents whose purpose is to work together to support the social and academic goals of The Preschool Center. The council provides an opportunity for parents of enrolled students to actively participate in their child’s preschool experience, to meet other parents and contribute to the success of The Preschool Center.

The Parent Council meets monthly to discuss program happenings, voice concerns, and make recommendations and enhancements. Participation is voluntary.

Meet Our Parents

The Preschool Center has served the Hyde Park neighborhood since 1957, positively impacting the lives of thousands of children. See what our parents have to say about the teachers, programs, and facilities:

  • “I liked the open space with lots of light. The curriculum is project oriented and my daughter is on track in preparation for elementary school.”
  • “There is a nice focus on social skills and the environment around the kids in addition to academics.”
  • “Staff genuinely cares for the children, and keep parents involved with their child’s progress.”
  • “The Preschool Center focuses on developing the ‘whole child’ through nurturing and exposure to many aspects of life.”
  • “Excellent educational opportunities and much time spent outdoors. Very friendly staff.”
  • “The teachers at The Preschool Center take the time to connect with each child in their classroom. This strengthens the relationship between parents and teachers as well; aiding the growth of each child.”