Chicago Child Care Society

Preparing for Kindergarten

Mindful of the key intellectual milestones of early childhood, our teachers help children explore the cognitive basics from shapes and colors to letters and numbers.

Children also develop life-long practical skills like cooking, cleanup and problem solving. Special enrichment programs in the arts, sports and music broaden their exposure to the world around them.

  • Our educational philosophy is grounded in The Project Approach, based on the assumption that all children want to learn.
  • We employ the Creative Curriculum to help children become independent and curious learners.

Educational Philosophy

The Preschool Center is an early childhood education program that provides services to families with young children. Our program focuses on developing and implementing individualized comprehensive education programs for each child, appropriate to their developmental needs and capacities.

The Preschool Center supports the systematic instruction of Creative Curriculum with The Project Approach. This is a specific project-based learning approach. The teachers help to guide children’s learning with in-depth studies of real world topics. Teaching is viewed as a collaborative process with the child. This method of teaching allows the children to become highly motivated and confident in perusing and engaging in their own learning experiences.

The Project Approach is used alongside systematic instruction as a means of achieving curricular goals. We use Creative Curriculum to help children learn acquired skills through teacher-directed instruction. The Project Approach supports the Creative Curriculum by allowing children to apply these skills in meaningful contexts.

The Preschool Center program is also inspired by Reggio Emilia. We incorporate the core values of the Reggio Emilia into the Project Approach. The Reggio Emilia Approach has four core values:

  1. The child as an active participant in learning,
  2. The significance of environment,
  3. The teacher, parent, and child as collaboration in the process of learning,
  4. Making learning visible.


The Preschool Center employs the use of Creative Curriculum in its educational philosophy. Creative Curriculum’s goal is to help children become independent and curious learners. We are teaching them how to learn in every aspect of their lives. The Creative Curriculum is focused on creating purposeful and productive play experiences to help children develop in all areas of development. These areas of development include: social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language.

The following skills are taught for successful kindergarten readiness:

  • Can your child listen to instructions and then follow them?
  • Is she able to put on her coat and go to the bathroom by herself?
  • Can she recite the alphabet and count?
  • Can she hold a pencil? Cut with scissors?
  • Does she show an interest in books? Does she try to “read” a book by telling a story based on the pictures?
  • Is she curious and receptive to learning new things?
  • Does she get along well with other kids? Does she share and know how to take turns?
  • Can she work together with others as part of a group?