HEad STart
family Support Specialist    


Department: early childhood programs

Essential Functions:

The Head Start Family Support Specialist provides services to families to improve their lives based on their specific goals. Social services include an evaluation of the families’ strengths and needs, assisting with supportive programs (such as SNAP, TANF, or affordable housing, etc.), and provides referrals to education and job placement programs that assist families in need. The Head Start Family Support Specialist assists families with understanding and implementing the Family Partnership Agreement to encourage and promote their overall development, including achievement of self-sufficiency, as well as positive developmental outcomes for their children. The Head Start Family Support Specialist will conduct recruitment efforts for the HS/EHS program to ensure families with children birth-to-five, as well as pregnant women, are informed about Chicago Child Care Society’s HS/EHS programs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Performs the functions of this position with a strong understanding of the Head Start/Early Head Start Performance Standards per service area; and demonstrates and assures professional best practices.

  • Enroll all HS and non-HS, and PFA/CCAP families into the Preschool programs at Hyde Park Preschool center.

  • Enter all HS and non-HS, and PFA/CCAP families goals, family assessments and health history information into the COPA/ChildPlus system at time of enrollment.

  • Completes documentation with families for the CACFP for meal participation program. Assist families with completing the CCAP application process.

  • Schedule visits to IL Action for Children to review, follow-up, and process ongoing CCAP applications and the status thereof.

  • Process all IAFC re-determination submission for all 3-5 families at Hyde Park Preschool center.

  • Maintains a flexible schedule to establish and supports a relationship with parents that are enrolled at Hyde Park Preschool Center.

  • Monitors and updates all HS parent involvement and social service activity, track and document in COPA/ChildPlus systems.

  • Monitors and documents attendance of all 3-5 children to ensure there is no chronic absenteeism. Conduct home visits of children who have been absent beyond the allotted (3) days.

  • Collaborates with the HS Education-Disabilities Coordinator to ensure the transportation for children with IEP’s is rendered appropriately and seamless.

  • Collaborates with Infant-Toddler Education Coordinator to ensure appropriate transition from home-based services to center-based programming are seamless.

  • Promotes and maintains parents’ overall involvement and participation in program governance, center-based services, and obtain feedback from parents regarding the level of satisfaction with the services they receive.

  • Maintains regular contact with families to keep abreast of needs and interest through additional home visits (if deemed necessary), phone calls, and other means as indicated.

  • Implement PAT parent engagement curriculum through Parent Groups and/or individual parent meetings. Facilitating discussion and utilizing the PAT curriculum to guide interactions and documenting all efforts in COPA/ChildPlus system.  

  • Along with FSW, EHS-FSS, and HS- FSS (Englewood) has the responsibility to select, target, and coordinate locations for all recruitment efforts (including identifying events and venues) for the Early Childhood programs at CCCS.

  • Establishes and develops relationships with social service agencies to create partnerships for referrals and recruitment.

  • Ensures files and documentation is complete, accurate, and maintained confidentially for both OUNCE & DFSS 3-5 (HS/PFA/CCAP) children.

  • Participate in bi-weekly supervision with direct supervisor. Attend department staff meetings, all-staff (agency) meetings, and OUNCE grantee PFCE meeting. In addition, attend pre- and in-service training/conference sessions as scheduled.

  • Responds to agency needs by performing assigned tasks which may not fall within above description.  If such tasks are not of a temporary nature, they should be added to this list of designated job responsibilities.

Job: Full Time, Exempt Position


  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Human Services, or related degree from an accredited school.


  • Minimum of two years experience in Head Start/Early Head Start, which includes direct service.

  • Knowledge and experience in the philosophy and practices of Head Start/Early Head Start early childhood education, and experience teaching/working with children ages birth to five.

  • Have education or experience in collaborating with parents in the education of their field.

Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit an updated resume and cover letter to TeeNeka Jones via email at Tjones@cccsociety.org. NO phone calls, please.