Opening a world of positive choices

At CCCS, we harness the potential of children, youth and families in our community and provide the tools to build foundations and support systems to achieve success at critical stages of life. We are dedicated to supporting children and stabilizing families through early childhood development, supporting teens as they transition into adulthood, and strengthening families as they grow and change.

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Early Childhood Development

From the time a child is born, CCCS has programs to support the infant and entire family to ensure healthy development. We provide personalized, in-home services that promote healthy prenatal and postnatal care, parent-child attachment and educational development. 


Preschool Programs


At our preschool centers in Englewood and Hyde Park, we use an evidence-based curriculum, with social emotional and cognitive learning through play. We create an interactive setting with art, music, storytelling and language programs with a goal of preparing children for kindergarten.

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Young Adult Programs

For teens who become parents, we offer the Beyond Parenting program to equip young mothers and fathers with the resources they need to raise their child and overcome challenges that might come their way. We also have college preparatory programs and mentoring support for pregnant and parenting teens to make sure everyone has the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. 

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Extended Family support Program

At Chicago Child Care Society, we believe in building a strong foundation for the wellbeing of those in our community. The Extended Family Support program embraces the entire family, specifically when a relative unexpectedly becomes the primary caregiver to a child. Our program helps ease this transition and enhance caregivers’ ability to provide physical, emotional and social development needs to the child while receiving support of their own as well.