Chicago Child Care Society

Teen Programs

We have special concern for teen girls who have babies and lack support to both complete high school and raise a healthy, well-developed child. To ensure that children of teen parents have the best options for success, CCCS offers services to teen fathers who seek help in parenting their children and planning for their own future. We offer two programs for this population of teens:

The Next Step College Readiness Program covers a college readiness curriculum and mentoring support for pregnant and parenting teens to prepare them for college and self-sufficiency. Learn more »

The Teen Parenting Initiative Program  provides parent education, case management services  and 0-3 early intervention services for teen parents and their children in effort to ensure teen parents graduate from high school and their children have improved developmental outcomes. Learn more »

CCCS offers a mix of prevention and intervention services to middle and high-school aged students, helping them to reach their potential despite their challenges and circumstances.