Chicago Child Care Society

Teen Parenting Initiative

For teen parents, connections to friends, school and family are an important part of staying on track and raising healthy babies. The Teen Parenting Initiative (TPI) is a school-based program providing services in seven Chicago public high schools. About 200 teen mothers and their children, and about 40 fathers receive services focused on preventing subsequent pregnancies, developing, parenting skills and completing school.

Parent Educators are integrated into the public high school setting where they work with school social workers and administrators to identify teen parents.  Services then include bi-monthly home visits to support the teen mom with her own pre- and postnatal care. After the baby is born, the home visits continue and the focus in on ensuring that the child meets developmental outcomes.

Program goals:

  • Promote school attendance and graduation
  • Increase parent knowledge and skills
  • Provide links to referrals and needed resources
  • Prevent subsequent pregnancies

Success Stories

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