Chicago Child Care Society

Educational Enrichments

The Preschool Center provides a variety of music, art and language enrichment activities taught by experts from leading Chicago-area organizations. The goal of the enrichment programs is to support cognitive, social, physical, and language development.

Music Together Preschool

The Music Together Preschool program features:

  • Spoken/sung language
  • Pre-literacy activities
  • Active listening
  • Spatial awareness activities
  • Problem-solving and creativity activities
  • Movement and body awareness

10-week program, 1 hour per classroom


The JUSTUS Arts program features Oba William King, founder of the program. King is an innovative presenter whose interactive performances, storytelling, drama workshop and lectures engage the audience. He uses a variety of self-image and self-esteem building activities that have a long-lasting, positive effect. All programs are designed to celebrate diversity.
Offered six times per year, 1 hour per classroom

Clinton-Duncan Art Scholars

The Clinton-Duncan Art Scholars Program is an art education program established as a commemorative gift to our FY 2011 Benefit Dinner honorees Bruce and Martha Clinton and Susan and Sarah Duncan. The Hyde Park ARTCENTER provides art programs designed to strengthen skills, grow artists and cultivate a sense of community. Classes are led by The Hyde Park ARTCENTER’s teaching artists who provide age-appropriate arts educations and hands-on projects.
8-week program, 30 minutes per classroom


The Lango language program uses music, games, art and stories to teach new languages and explore other cultures. The initial goal is to gain an understanding of new words, then phrases, and then sentences. Over time, children begin to answer simple questions, speak in short phrases and then engage in simple conversation.
15-week program, 30 minutes per classroom

The B.I.G. Baseball Academy

Each summer, the children participate in a 6-week, 12 session baseball camp led by the B.I.G. Baseball Academy. The fundamentals of baseball, teamwork and sportsmanship are taught to all boys and girls enrolled in the summer program regardless of age or skill level.