Chicago Child Care Society

Facilitating Emotional Maturity

Of equal importance to children’s success in life is their social and emotional maturity. Our teachers focus on helping children learn to respect others, interact and socialize appropriately with their classmates, and value the diversity of the classroom.

Taking turns, playing both alone and in groups, contributing to a group project, seeing the results of one’s efforts and being guided skillfully by thoughtful teachers, give our children self-confidence and the ability to appreciate and participate in a community of learners.

This ability to value the group effort and one’s role in the outcome is critical to developing a sense of personal responsibility.

The Preschool Center encourages children to discover and learn with confidence, which includes:

  • Helping Children Get Along

    Helping children learn to negotiate their friendships starts in the 2 year old program.  We work with young children to further language development so that they can learn to use words when communicating with their peers.  Teachers model appropriate words that can be used during challenging moments with peers. In our pre-school classrooms teachers help children facilitate their own dialogue in response to conflicts.  Teachers help children identify ways to problem solve when conflicts arise.

  • Helping Children Express Feelings and Emotions

    The teachers use books, role playing, and feeling charts in the classroom to help children identify their feelings.  As the children learn to put words and meaning to their feelings teachers help children learn to express their emotions clearly and appropriately.