Chicago Child Care Society

Organizational Values

Chicago Child Care Society is a client-centered organization. We believe the following values must be visible in all we say and do on their behalf.

We follow through on our agreements with one another and all of our publics.

Ethical Practice: We exhibit honesty and integrity in our work.

Compassion: We are sincere, genuine and empathetic in our interactions with one another and our clients.

Diversity: We believe that our agency is enriched by participation of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, and we strive to understand and respect points of view that may be different from our own.

Teamwork: We thrive on collaborative working relationships that ensure comprehensive, accessible services for our clients.

Innovation: We actively search for new ideas to improve outcomes for our clients.

Continuous Learning: We encourage individual development so that each person can reach his or her highest potential.

Transparency: We share information to facilitate an environment of understanding and trust.

Quality: We promote excellence in practice by delivering high standard services, which make measurable differences in the lives of those we serve.